ACT Fall 2018 Tennis Championships

The ACT Fall 2018 Tennis Championships gave the chance to more than 10 students to compete in a very high playing level. On Thursday, November 1st the final phase of the tournament took place in the Anatolia College courts. After a breathtaking final, Kevin Yang defeated Jeffrey Ly and won… More

Meet Ermal, the International Relations Alumnus

Ermal Vila currently works in Parliamentary Development for the World Bank in Washington, DC, mostly around supporting Parliamentary Budget Offices and Finance/ Public Accounts Committees globally on issues of national budget drafting and oversight. He was Secretary of the World Bank’s Youth to Youth Community, and currently a member of… More

ACT delegation in Rhodes MRC 2018

Rhodes Model Regional Cooperation (MRC) was conceived in 2010 as an ideal bridging between the practice of Model United Nations and the continuous emergence of strong regional international organizations. Each of its sessions lies under the general theme towards effective peacebuilding and sustainable development on a regional level. This year’s… More

Digitizing Creativity: The art and science of digital marketing

In a crowded hall, on October 8th, the launch event of ACT’s Lifelong Learning Center (LLC), Digitizing Creativity: The art and science of digital marketing, brought together distinguished professionals from the US and Greece who shared their experience and insights on digital marketing developments. The purpose of the conference was… More

A new year at ACT!

During September, ACT kicked off the 2018-2019 school year, welcoming over 300 incoming freshman and study abroad from around the world. Students participated in a multi-day orientation program, getting to know the ACT community, fellow classmates and, for those new to the area, Thessaloniki. ACT also welcomes the 11th NUin… More

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