Sparrowhawks Soar: ACT’s West Hall Wellness Room Revealed

Sparrowhawks Soar: ACT’s West Hall Wellness Room Revealed

The West Hall Wellness Room has officially been unveiled to the ACT Community by Anatolia College President Dr. Panos Vlachos and ACT Provost Dr. Stamos Karamouzis.

To mark this momentous occasion the Student Activities Office hosted a Grand Opening which took place on Thursday, April 18th. Students and staff alike were finally able to take a glimpse at the manifestation of what once started as an idea being turned into a reality to be enjoyed by all those who share an identity of being a Sparrowhawk.

Wellness Room 2

Located in the basement of West Hall, this room was built and furnished to allow for the overall physical wellness of every member of the ACT to be a priority.

Wellness Room 3

 The Wellness Room is open and accessible during the West Hall operation hours, so feel free to stop by and indulge in what the Wellness Room has to offer.

Wellness Room 1




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