Course Offerings

Below is also a sample list of courses offered at ACT under its various programs. 

Hellenic Heritage

Greek 101 – Beginning Modern Greek I

History 232 – Thessaloniki: A City and its Inhabitants

Art History 121 – Greek Art through the Ages: Ancient to Modern

Humanities 209 – Topics in Mythology and Religion in the Classical World

Humanities 210 – Religions of the World

Anthropology 221– Ethnographic Accounts of Modern Greek Culture

History 301 – History of Ancient Greece

Art History 224 – Modern Greek Painting

Politics 207 – The Modern Greek Nation State

Art History 220 – Ancient Greek Art and Architecture

Humanities 230 – The World of Alexander the Great

Humanities 211 – The Life and Teachings of the Apostle Paul

Humanities 216 – From Pagan Antiquity to Byzantine Christianity

International Relations

Greek 101 – Beginning Modern Greek I

European Studies 210 – Foundations of European Integration

Politics 221 – The Balkans in Contemporary International Relations

Politics 231 – International Law

Politics 232 – International Organizations and Institutions

Politics 305 – Gender and International Development

Politics 332 – Human Rights

Greek 101 – Beginning Modern Greek I

Politics 201– International Relations

Politics 301 – War and Peace in the Contemporary World

Humanities 246 – Introduction to American Cultural Studies

Politics 249 – Political Economy

Politics 304 – Women, power and politics

Social Science 399 – Service Learning Practicum

History 232 – Thessaloniki: A City and its Inhabitants

Social Science 349 – Contemporary Globalization

Philosophy 203 – Ethics


International Finance

International Economics

International Business Law

Creative Thinking: The Business Imperative


Operations Management

Consumer Behavior

Investment and Portfolio Management


Global Marketing

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Seminar in Finance

HR Management for Growth

Marketing Research

Business in Greece and the European Union

Summer Business Minor (required min number of students)

English & Communication

Language & Literature

English 220- Introduction to Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama

English 221- Short Fiction/The Novella

Hum 246- Introduction to American Cultural Studies

English 268- Women and Literature

English 273- Introduction to Linguistics


English 360-Literary Theory 

English 120- Introduction to Literature

English 259- Contemporary World Literature

English 340- Comparative Literature

English 350- Advanced Writing/Writing for Social Change 

English 275-Sociolinguistics


English 380- The Business of Literature

Communication & New Media

Comm 127-Communication, Culture and Society

Comm 217-Media in Transition

English 300- Image/Text/Culture

Comm 317-Communicating through New Media

Soc Sc 399- Service Learning

Comm 227- Media Theory

Comm 233- Introduction to Journalism

Comm 333- Communication Design

Comm 327- Communication Research Methods

Anthr 349- Intercultural Communication


CSC 230 - Programming in C++ and Matlab

CSC 151 - Quantitative Computing

CSC 107 - Multimedia I

CSC 306 - Advanced Web Development

CSC 450 - System Analysis and Design

CSC 310 - Computer Architecture

CSC 300 - Mobile Application Programming

MATH 120 - Calculus I

SEA 101 - Introduction to Sea Sailing*

CSC 322 - Computer Networks

CSC 206 - Web Development

CSC 325 - Distributed Applications

CSC 330 - Introduction to Mobile Robotics

CSC 320 - Mobile Computing

CSC 321 - Operating Systems

MATH 220 - Discrete Mathematics

STAT 205 - Statistics I

SEA 101 - Introduction to Sea Sailing*

CSC 219- Video Game Design with Unity and Blender

CSC 130 - Introduction to electronics and robotics programming

SEA 101 - Introduction to Sea Sailing*

* Each semester the Division of Science and technology offers the course Introduction to Sea Sailing, which teaches offshore sailing at the level of Coastal Skipper. Opportunities exist to practice what is learned in a skippered or bare-boat trip in the Northern Greece, Chalkidiki peninsulas and/or islands.

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