Housing for ACT Students

ACT provides admitted students with the opportunity to live in ACT managed housing, both on and off-campus, as well as provides resources for locating your own housing in Thessaloniki.  The ACT Student Services Office can offer personalized assistance. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ACT Housing

ACT Housing provides first-year ACT students with the opportunity to live in a supportive environment, sharing their university experience. 

A key component to the ACT housing is the ACT Residence Assistants (RA) who live in each of our dorms and work to create an interactive and engaging environment for the students.  They welcome the new students to their new home and provide support and orientation during the first days, as students adjust to their new surroundings. Throughout the year, the RA is an excellent resource for students and offers helpful information about ACT and Thessaloniki. The RAs regularly organize community-building activities, local outings and are available 24-hours a day to help guide students through challenging and emergency situations.

Students who live in our housing agree to live by the ACT Community Standards of respect and good stewardship.

On-Campus Housing for First Year Students

ACT’s on-campus housing provides a unique opportunity for first-year students to live in a small community within the 60-acre Anatolia Campus, in close proximity to their academic classes. Students live in shared dormitory buildings offering basic amenities, including double rooms, kitchens shared between 2 and 8 residents and bathrooms shared between 2 and 6 residents.

Housing also includes heating, water, electricity, WiFi and shared clothes washing machines. Students provide their own linens and kitchenware. Students may bring their own laptops or they can do schoolwork from one of the many computer labs on the ACT campus.

Students who apply to live in our on-campus dorms are eager to participate in the ACT community and get involved in the on-campus activities, clubs, sports and student life.

Off-Campus Housing

ACT offers double studio apartments in contemporary apartment buildings in downtown Thessaloniki. The studio apartments are furnished and offer free WiFi, Ethernet ports and complimentary shared laundry facilities. Students provide their own linens and kitchenware. Students make their way to campus by car, taxi, bike / scooter, or the public bus #58. Students who choose to live in our off-campus housing enjoy regular interaction with other students and the easy access to downtown Thessaloniki.

Housing includes a furnished double studio with a kitchen and en-suite bathroom, heating, water, electric, WiFi and shared clothes washing machines.

Local Housing Providers

Students who wish to find their own housing can contact the ACT Student Services Office for a list of local providers. ACT does not endorse the services of any outside provider, but we have found that students have had good experiences working with the agents and individuals on this list.  Students often choose to find their own housing when they anticipate renting in the same location for the duration of their studies.  Rent in Thessaloniki typically starts from about 300€ per month, plus utilities.  Students choose the location based on personal preference to be close to the city or close to the campus. The Student Services Office can also assist students with questions and translation. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ACT Student Housing & Transportation Facebook Group

This group has been created by the ACT Student Government Association (SGA) for all ACT students to share information about housing and transportation.  Students can post in this group and respond to posts to:

  • Find a house for rent
  • Transfer the house that you no longer need to someone who does
  • Find roommates
  • Find a co-passenger
  • Find someone who is willing to share their transportation with you

The group is only available to ACT students. A link to the group is sent to newly admitted students, who can request to become members and join the conversation!



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