Get Involved! ACT Psychology students volunteer for ELEPAP

Volunteering can be a rewarding experience both in a person’s life and the lives of others, constituting one of the essential pro-social activities. On March 11th, five ACT Psychology students participated in an off-site volunteering event planned by ELEPAP, the oldest non-profit organization in Greece providing rehabilitation services to children (https://elepap.gr/). Ms. Eva Sarigiannidou,Director… More

Emi’s Insta-Thoughts

Emi Lazidou, an undergraduate psychology student at ACT, has taken a well-being initiative that could inspire other students and follow their passion and unfold their creativity. Emi created an Instagram account, @emis.thoughts, to showcase a collection of her thoughts about different topics and invite people into one of the most important journeys of self-discovery by… More

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