Tourism of Tomorrow 2021: Takeaways from ACT’s online conference

Greece is a strong competitor in the market, Greek tourism in particular will likely achieve its record 2019 numbers after the end of 2023 and into 2024, and we’re looking at returning to “business as usual” by 2023; these were some of the takeaways from the 4th Tourism of Tomorrow… More

Celebrating one year of the ACTivities Magazine

Last year ACT launched a magazine in order to highlight the creative work of the ACT community. The magazine was named ACTivities and can be found on the ACT website at https://www.act.edu/student-services/activities-magazine. Volume 1, Issue 1, titled “Quarantined Creativity” was released in May 2020, the second issue “With Challenge Comes… More

Data Girl Danjela Lura on Landing a Tech Internship

We caught up with ACT student, Danjela Lura, Computer Science major, and founder of the “ACT Data Girls” club after she presented the “Landing a Tech Internship” webinar during International Education Week in fall 2020. Danjela was keen to talk about her experience and the ways that her liberal arts education… More

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