Internship opportunities for First year Psychology students at ACT

Exciting opportunities are available for psychology undergraduate students to get hands-on learning and valuable research experience. While most students tend to complete internships during their junior or senior years, ACT’s Psychology Program offers internship opportunities with site supervisors from the first year of studies to increase competitiveness in the job market and support students… More

Wellness Workshops by ACT for its students

To mark the completion of the first academic year of the reintroduction of the Psychology degree, ACT offered two wellness workshops to its students. The workshops were held at the end of May and aimed to help the students in view of their final exams.The first workshop was coordinated by… More

Dr. Asteris Grigoroudis: A “Cool Chem Teach.”

Known for being passionate in promoting Science Asteris Grigoroudis is ready to spread his enthusiasm for Chemistry to young students. Asteris Grigoroudis, a Chemistry instructor at ACT, studied Chemistry and received a doctoral degree in Biochemistry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since then, he has evolved as an avid… More

Jana Arsovska ACT ’03. Spotlight on this year's Commencement speaker

In 2014 Jana Arsovska was named one of the Top 25 criminal justice professors in the US by the leading forensic sciences website ForensicsColleges.com noting that “the professors on this list have gone above and beyond in terms of leadership and professional contributions.” On the 2nd of July, she is… More

Thelma and Louise: A Tale of Empowerment?

On Wednesday evening, May 22, the public screening of the iconic film Thelma and Louise (directed by Ridley Scott in 1991) served as a prompt for an open discussion at Ypsilon Café. The event was organized by the English Department of ACT as part of the continuous efforts by ACT’s BA in English… More

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