Intersecting Voices: A Multifaceted Exploration of Gender Injustice

"Intersecting Voices: A Multifaceted Exploration of Gender Injustice" is a compelling symposium organized by the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (ACT) and set for May 24, 2024, at ACT, West Hall, Room 105, running from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  The event is organized with the cooperation of Dr. Evangelia (Elina) Asimakopoulou, (Anatolia… More

Embracing Values: A Classroom Encounter with Olympian Pyrros Dimas

By Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Professor of World Religions, ΑCT (American College of Thessaloniki)  “During the Spring I semester, I was teaching the course of Ancient Greek Religion and Mythology. We ‘ve been discussing the myths and religion also in terms of their endurance and relevance in the contemporary world, but mostly on… More

ACT faculty member Christos Aliprantis wins visiting research fellowship at Princeton University and a Fulbright Grant at George Washington University

ACT Associate Professor Christos Aliprantis (Division of Humanities and Social Sciences) has won a visiting research fellowship at Princeton University's Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies. Between June 15 and August 15, 2025, Aliprantis will reside at Princeton and join the community of scholars in Hellenic Studies to carry out research… More

Super Tuesday and more at the Dukakis Center

As many as four billion people will vote in 2024. ACT (The American College of Thessaloniki) and the Dukakis Center at ACT did their modest part to add to that number this past March 5, 2024, also known as Super Tuesday throughout the United States. The Dukakis Center continued its… More

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