Wellness Week

In an effort to give emphasis on students’ holistic wellbeing, the Counseling Office along with the Student Government Association organized at ACT’s the new initiative "Wellness Week". ACT students had the chance to participate in a series of experiential and interactive workshops, that took place between the 18th and the 21st of… More

Guest speakers for ACT’s lectures on “Brain and Behavior”

Ms. Maria Akritidou, Head of Department of Counseling and Psychological Services of Anatolia High School and Ms. Christina Lagogianni, IB Psychology Instructor at Anatolia High School were guest speakers at ACT’s Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology, Biopsychology (“Brain and Behavior”) lectures. The topics of the lectures were how the brain,… More

Stewards of Democracy: Blowing the whistle on corruption

There is considerable interest these days in the role -- and plight -- of whistleblowers, be they public servants, journalists, or merely private citizens who call public attention to episodes of betrayal of the public trust, through corruption, malfeasance, negligence, or concealment. The media often cover high profile incidents, such… More

ACT alumni manage political campaigns, too!

Dukakis Center Director David Wisner imagines the day when the leaders of all the countries in Southeast Europe would be graduates of the American College of Thessaloniki. A new wave of ACT alumni took small but meaningful steps in that direction during the local Greek elections of May 2019.Since its… More

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