Joyful Reunions at the ACT Alumni Homecoming

Joyful Reunions at the ACT Alumni Homecoming

The ACT patio buzzed with laughter and warm reminiscences on Friday, May 31, 2024, as over 250 alumni from Greece, the Balkans, and Europe gathered for an unforgettable Homecoming celebration. This unique Centennial Homecoming was more than just a reunion—it was a heartfelt tribute to the enduring bonds between graduates, their beloved professors, and the ACT community that shaped their lives.

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As old friends embraced and classmates swapped stories from their college days, the air was electric with emotion and joy.

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The event was a poignant part of Anatolia College's Centennial Celebrations, commemorating its historic relocation to Thessaloniki in 1924 and the vital role ACT has played in its legacy.

Dr. Panos Vlachos, President of Anatolia College, warmly welcomed the alumni, highlighting the profound significance of this milestone year and the importance of ACT within the Anatolia College ecosystem. Evripidis Konstantinidis, President of the ACT Alumni Association, also extended a heartfelt welcome, underlining the association's role in fostering lifelong connections and encouraging alumni to nurture their ties with the institution and each other. In a touching moment, Mr. Konstantinidis, on behalf of the Alumni Board, presented Dr. Eleni Godi, Coordinator of the BA in English and a cherished professor, with a well-deserved distinction for her dedicated service to ACT.

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Dr. Panos Vlachos, Evripidis Konstantinidis, Dr. Eleni Godi, Dr. Stamos Katramouzis, ACT Provost

We're deeply grateful to each and every one of you who attended and made this Homecoming so special. Your presence and participation truly made a difference. Here's to many more years of celebrating our vibrant and diverse alumni community!ACT Homecoming 6

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ACT Alumni Association Board members 

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