Business Plan Competition

Do you have an idea? Make a plan!
300 words is all it takes.

The Business Plan Competition of Anatolia School of Business, subsidized by John & Mary Pappajohn is open to young people interested in starting up their own business.  John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Awards will offer 5 prizes of €4,000 each to the top 5 business plans that will be evaluated as the best ones among those submitted to the contest.

Participations will be initially evaluated based on the ideas submitted.  An important part of the evaluation process will also be the entrepreneurial skills of the participants, which will be evaluated during the presentations of their ideas that they will be required to deliver.  The key features that will be evaluated are the innovation, the viability and growth potential of the proposed idea.  In parallel participants will be judged based on their communication skills, their enthusiasm, their expertise in the sector of the proposed idea and the way they would spend the €4,000 award (in case they win).

The John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Award competition has 4 phases:

Phase1: All interested parties should submit their ideas (brief description up to 300 words) and fill out the application form by Monday, April 23. The successful candidates will be informed by the end of April.

Phase 2:  Interview in early May via Skype or telephone, (date to be announced to successful candidates who have proceeded to this phase) to evaluate readiness to complete business plan and launch.

Phase 3: Authoring of complete business plans based on the ideas selected after phase 2. Complete business plans should be submitted by early June (deadline to be announced to successful candidates who have proceeded to this phase).  Before the final submission there will be a seminar on how to author a business plan (towards end of April) to aid candidates and provide some feedback while authoring their plans. [i]

Phase 4: Participants will be asked to deliver a presentation based on their completed business plans in mid-June. The judging committee will select the 5 winning plans.

In order to participate you have to:

  1. Form a team of 1 to 5 people.  Each person can only participate in one team.
  2. Submit your idea online no later than Monday, April 23. The description of the idea should exceed 300 words. This description should include the following:
  • The proposed product or service.
  • The target client segment (the clients you intend to sell your product or service to).
  • The business model of revenue generation.
  • The innovative aspects of your idea.

Include a brief bio, names and contact details of the participating team.

For more information please contact Ms. Athina Nousiopoulou at +30 2310 398.347 (10 a.m-4p.m business days) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Business Plan Idea Sample

Apply Here 

[i] If your idea gets selected to proceed to the 4th Phase of the competition then you will be required to deliver a presentation in Greek or English, with a maximum duration of 4 minutes. This presentation should include:

  • A presentation of the idea and its innovation aspects
  • The description of the proposed product or service
  • The target client segment
  • The business model
  • Presentation of the team behind the idea
  • The way you would spend the €4,000 award, should you be the winner of one of the 5 prizes, to bootstrap some aspects of your plan

The suggested format of the presentation is Powerpoint.  The presentations will be delivered at the premises of Anatolia School of Business.



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