Kozani Business Start-up Weekend

Kozani Business Start-up Weekend

On the weekend of 1-3 December 2023, 30 participants – people looking for the opportunity to explore their business ideas and bring them closer to reality – experienced a workshop full of entrepreneurial action and creative thinking at the Kozani Business Start-up Weekend.

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The conference was co-organized by the University of Western Macedonia, the ACT American College of Thessaloniki, and the Alexandria Innovation Zone.

The Kozani Business Start-up Weekend was an experience that inspired and helped the participants to develop ideas into business plans. At the same time, the participants exchanged ideas and knowledge and looked for ways to introduce innovation in their projects. During the workshop, they worked intensively on their ideas with the support of experts who guided them on topics such as marketing, finance, and human resources.

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Finally, the participants had the opportunity to present their idea (pitch) in front of a demanding audience and receiving helpful feedback.

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The three-day conference took place in Kozani, on New University Campus - perhaps the the most beautiful campus of a Greek public university - in the ZEP area.


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