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Classical Civilizations

in collaboration with Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento 

The Classical Civilizations Academic Year aims to put students in contact with the foundations of Western civilization, focusing on two areas: Thessaloniki (Greece) and Sorrento (Italy), which are located in the center of the Mediterranean.

During the program, students will have the opportunity to study the languages, art,  history, religion, and political systems of these two areas of the ancient world that shaped western civilization.

Democracy, individualism, monotheism, architectural proportion, musical harmony: all of these concepts were first developed by the classical civilizations. Studying the roots of our culture will allow students to better understand the complexity of our era and society in the Third Millennium.

The program is specifically designed for students with majors in Classics, Archaeology, Art History, History, and Political Science, but is also open to students from different majors who wish to explore the roots of our culture.

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Program Structure

The program includes:

  • the Fall Semester in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • the Spring Semester in Sorrento, Italy

Students attend 5 courses during the Spring Semester and 5 during the Fall Semester for a total of 30 credits (15 + 15). Credits are issued by the American College of Thessaloniki for the courses in Thessaloniki and by Jacksonville University (Florida) – the school of record for Sant’Anna Institute – for the courses in Sorrento.

Courses in Thessaloniki can be selected from ACT’s wide variety of course options to fit your interest and academic goals. Choose up to 5 courses https://www.act.edu/studyabroad/course-offering

Popular selections in the classics include:

  • Art History 121: Greek Art and Architecture: Ancient to Modern
  • Art History 220: Ancient Greek Art and Architecture
  • Humanities 209: Topics in Mythology and Religion in the Classical World
  • History 301: History of Ancient Greece
  • Greek 101: Beginning Modern Greek I
  • Humanities 120: Understanding Greek life and culture
  • Music 120: Traditional and Contemporary Greek Music

Classes at ACT include an interactive component called “Learning in ACTion” that brings students in contact with local experts, historical and archaeological sites, culture and language.

Field-trips include the following:

  • Thessaloniki City Tour
  • Vergina Archaeological Site and Museum

Optional trips are also available

Courses in Sorrento include the following:

  • Italian, Latin, or Ancient Greek Language (3 credits)
  • HUM 399 Special Topics: Archaeology Field Study (3 credits)
  • IS 305 Special Topics: Mediterranean Culture and History (3 credits)
  • 2 courses among:
  • PHIL 375/RELG350 Religions of the Classical Antiquity (3 credits)
  • HIST 350 – Greek Influence in Southern Italy: Colonization & Culture (3 credits)
  • PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)

An essential component of the above-mentioned courses are the field-trips to very important locations of the Roman and Neo-Greek civilizations in the Mediterranean Basin, such as: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Cuma, Capua, Paestum, etc.


Accommodation options include:

– Residence Hall

– Shared apartments

– Homestay (only in Sorrento)

Options are based on availability and student preferences. More details at:

https://www.act.edu/studyabroad/housing (Thessaloniki)

https://www.santannainstitute.com/housing/ (Sorrento)

Program fees

  • US$ 11,700 Fall Semester in Thessaloniki
  • US$ 11,700 Spring Semester in Sorrento

Available Grants (not combinable /one per Semester):

– a 1,000 USD Merit Grant (must have a 3.6+ GPA for eligibility)
– a 1,500 USD Greek or Italian Heritage Grant

Program fees include:

  • application fee
  • tuition and study materials including e-books (when available)
  • accommodation in residence hall or shared apartment (host family available in Sorrento at a different cost, please see below for more information)
  • program orientation
  • administration fee
  • technology fee
  • repair fee (including weekly cleaning service for residence hall and shared apartments)
  • on-site advisor and 24-hour emergency assistance
  • 3 excursions for semester programs
  • field trips included in the chosen course(s)
  • credit transfer
  • welcome and farewell group lunch/dinner

For information on the application procedure and deadlines please contact both Serena Vacca at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Vanessa Constantinidis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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