Former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Speaks at ACT

The Dukakis Center welcomed former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Spyros Kouvelis for the inaugural Dukakis Lecture of the Spring 2013 semester on Monday, February 18, for a talk on Development Perspectives, Reform, and Outward Opening of Greek Entrepreneurship. Mr Kouvelis, who sat in the Greek Parliament from 2009 till… More

Christmas Charity Drive

On Friday December 21st the Christmas Charity Drive that had been running for a number of weeks was concluded. Boxes of canned and dry food, cleaning products, toiletries, office supplies and stationary which had been gathered in bins on campus and in the study abroad student apartments overflowed. Products donated by Anatolia High-School and… More

Discussion on "Good students, bad students"

Dr. Livingtson Merchant was the featured participant in a round table discussion on the theme «Good students, bad students» on December 17, in the Bissell Library. Dr. Merchant was joined by a group of ACT faculty and a small cohort of Maria Patsarika's freshman honors students.   Livingston Merchant was… More

The Crisis of the EU and the Future of Greece

   It might well have been the inverse: «The Crisis in Greece and the Future of the EU».  Semantics aside, the core problem I will address is whether the ever imminent bankruptcy, and potential collapse, of the Greek state is a European problem. What better place to discuss this than… More

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