Another year filled with young entrepreneurial spirit at the Young Business Creators program

Another year filled with young entrepreneurial spirit at the Young Business Creators program

On June 16-24, 2022, the innovative Young Business Creators entrepreneurship summer camp took place at the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center at Anatolia College. The program concerned pupils who completed the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades of Primary School and was held in English at a level that the children understood.

Young Business Creators is based on the Jacobson Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship method by the University of Iowa. Anatolia College adopted the know-how and educational materials and emphasized new technologies and modern practices in marketing.

The Entrepreneurship Hub of ACT - the American College of Thessaloniki organizes the program every summer. This year 29 students participated in the program. As young entrepreneurs, pupils learn how to build their small businesses through guidance and teamwork. The process includes the conception of idea, design, branding, production, and sales.

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This year children visited the companies HATZOPOULOS SA, OXFORD COMPANY, and COMO, where executives showed them in practice how modern businesses operate.

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On the last day of the program, the children presented and sold the products they had made to their parents, relatives, and friends during a bazaar organized at Anatolia College, raising over €1,300. The students donated the money to the "Sotir" Center for disabled persons.

Thanks to the program, the experienced trainers, the products the children produced and sold, and the live examples of businesses they saw, the children understood how entrepreneurship contributes to developing a person's personality. At the same time, the program strengthens the children's team spirit, communication, creative skills, and self-confidence.

ACT - the American College of Thessaloniki, a division of Anatolia College, as a non-profit educational institution, aims to develop and promote the knowledge and development of students' skills.



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