ACT presents its survey findings on visitors' preferences and behavior in Rhodes

ACT presents its survey findings on visitors' preferences and behavior in Rhodes

Confirming its leading role in tourism, the ACT School of Business just announced the final outcomes of an important survey on visitors’ preferences and behavior in Rhodes. The well attended event was co-organized with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Dodecanese and the Rhodes Hotel Managers Association. The Mayor of Rhodes Mr. Fotis Xatzidiakos and the Vice Governor of Tourism for the Region of South Aegean Ms M. Papavasileiou thanked ACT for this significant contribution to the tourism sector.

The results that emerged as part of the extensive tourism service quality survey in Rhodes were presented on Saturday, February 24, at the Chamber of Commerce of Dodecanese. The Rhodes Hotel Clubs Association in cooperation with American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) carried out the survey.

The survey questionnaire was translated in 4 languages and was distributed to hotel units. The sample of the survey was large, with more than 3,000 responses. The survey began in July 2017 and lasted until the end of the tourist season, aiming at upgrading and improving the services and infrastructure of Rhodes.

Among other things, the survey tries to identify the key points of tourist satisfaction, the points that attracted their interest, the amount spent both during the purchase of the package and during the stay in Rhodes, the type of accommodation chosen, etc.

The first findings of the survey were presented in November 2017 in the capital of the island during the Plenary Session of the Rhodes Hotel Clubs Association.

Some of the main findings of the survey:

  • Regarding the average stay, the Russians stay on the island for more days than the Germans or the British.
  • Respectively, the variation in the length of stay is affected by the month. September is the month with the longest stays.
  • Despite the great contribution of the Internet to the choice of Rhodes as a holiday destination, in the case of the Russians, the traditional travel agency is particularly important.
  • Beaches, nature, history and culture are the most important reasons for choosing Rhodes.
  • Over 70% of the sample spends less than 40 euros per day, in addition to the cost of their package.
  • According to the results of the survey, Russians buy the cheapest holiday packages. But those who spend less while staying in Rhodes are the Germans.
  • The overall satisfaction of tourists is relatively high. Points that need to be improved are cleanliness and transport on the island.
  • A significant percentage of tourists, although staying on the island for an average of 9 to 10 days, do not visit the old and new city of Rhodes at all.
  • The respondents will recommend Rhodes as an attractive destination, and will visit it again, at a high percentage.

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