Students from Sweden choose Thessaloniki for their weeklong Study Travel

Students from Sweden choose Thessaloniki for their weeklong Study Travel

The American College of Thessaloniki had the opportunity to host a group of 18 students from the Katrinebergs Folkhögskola (Katrinebergs Adult School) of Sweden as part of their weeklong Study Travel in Thessaloniki.

Each year, the group picks a European city to study as part of their fall curriculum before visiting for a week in the spring. Thessaloniki was the destination for this 2018 program. Students researched topics spanning from history to current events and culture from folklore, film and local cuisine and then experienced them first hand in Greece.

At ACT they began with a tour of the campus and a presentation of the institutions 130 year history and its role in the local community and then and joined ACT students for the day’s lecture for Social Science 228 (Society and Culture: Theory, Texts, and Practice) hosted by Dr. Maria Patsarika. Visiting student Henrik commented “I really appreciate, Maria, that we were allowed to attend your class. It was intriguing and fun to learn more than I previously knew about culture and its impact on society.”

The visit was concluded by a meeting with our Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. Maria Kyriakidou. This produced great discussion and left everyone wishing we had more time! In the evening, ACT students met with Katrinebergs students to explore Thessaloniki together.

Upon returning to their base, Professor Stuart Malcolm conveyed the success of their trip while student Rhobin added:

“Greetings from Sweden to the whole American College of Thessaloniki. My name is Rhobin and I am responsible for reporting on the study visit. I am so grateful for the welcome we received and the effort you put into telling us about your city. I also enjoyed experiencing how your classes work and I was impressed by the open-mindedness of the school. A special thanks to the wonderful guides Christina and Theo, who took us through the campus, and to the two girls that showed us the nightlife."

It was an honor to be a part of this innovative educational project and the American College of Thessaloniki looks forward to further joint efforts in the future.

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