“DNA human stories for the 21st century”. A matter of Psychology

“DNA human stories for the 21st century”. A matter of Psychology

On November 24th, the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and the Psychology Department organized a guest lecture on "DNA human stories for the 21st century". The lecture was delivered within PSY 150: Psychophysiology of Behavior and PSY 221: Cognitive Neuroscience.

It was a great honor to have Dr. Alexandro Triantafyllidi, Professor of Dept Genetics, Development, and Molecular Biology, AUTH, as our guest speaker. The speaker was introduced to students and faculty by Dr. Theodora Panou, Adjunct Lecturer for PSY 150.
Dr. Triantafyllidis emphasized various kinds of fascinating social science that we can do when we have genetic estimates. They discussed how and to what extent genetic differences account for psychological differences. Students were fascinated to see how psychology and genetics are connected.
Ms. Anastasia Gemenetzi-Makri, Adjunct Lecturer for PSY 221, attended the guest lecture with her class.  Dr. Aimiliza Stefanidou, Coordinator of ACT psychology programs, facilitated the Q&A session that followed.




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