Painting lessons at ACT

Painting lessons at ACT

During the last two years, the ACT students had the opportunity to discover their creativity in painting. The Painting Club began in 20015 with Nayia Kaplanidou, an accomplished icon painter and Anatolia College alumna (‘80). At the beginning of each course the ACT students were taught the traditional academic painting process and as the lessons were evolving they discovered their personal way of expression.

The outstanding ACT campus has often been a source of inspiration when the class was taking place in the nature. The students not only developed their artistic skills by using a variety of techniques and materials. Most of all they experienced the fact that Art enchances the quality and essence of our lives and offers a silent but powerful way of expressing ourselves and our beliefs.

In the end of each semester the students set up an exhibition with their paintings at the ACT locations.

During my Senior year at ACT I decided to attend the painting club. Although the last year in college is particularly demanding I feel glad that I joined the course because instead of taking my time or energy it offered me the opportunity to clear my mind and relax after a busy day. I always loved painting but the experience with Ms. Nayia is something more than just learning how to paint, it is a whole different atmosphere and ambiance that gives to one peace of mind and great inspiration to get creative!

- Marinela Tserepi, International Relations graduate

I joined the Painting Club from the very first semester at ACT and I can say that it has made my two years of studies here more enjoyable. The art room is my two hours escape into creativity, peace and deep talk with the art professor which adds so much love and dedication to the club transforming it into a real art therapy. Another aspect I like about the club is the fact that the art room is equipped with everything one needs and it's easily accessible at anytime. It makes you feel free to be more creative. It is definitely one of my favorite spots on campus and I would suggest it to everyone regardless of their level of skills in painting.

- Jenny Shehaj, IR (International Relations) 2nd year

The painting club is a great experience to enhance your time in Thessaloniki. You see a new beauty in the surroundings as you paint them and get to know new friends with similar interests. Nayia is such a wonderful friend and teacher and makes painting extra exciting!

- Lauren Behrmann, Texas Tech University, Plant and Soil Science · Lubbock, Texas

I loved being a part of the art club at ACT. I was only there for a semester but it meant something to me that I was able to still make art while taking classes as well. It allowed me to meet new friends outside of my abroad program as well as have a place to relax and express myself during the week. I very much enjoyed the freedom to learn new things from Nayia and the other students as it was an open place for new ideas. I still think about my time there as well as the connections made through this class and hope others take advantage of this opportunity.

- Brooke Lundgren, 2015, Northeastern University, Psychology · Boston

She did not want us to follow strict painting rules because she believed in everyone’s personal freedom of expression. With her warmness and tranquility, Mrs Nayia helped me unfold my inner feelings and thoughts into narratives made out of colors, drawings and narratives. The relaxing music that accompanied us while we were painting, the trips in the nature, all these elements rendered the painting club a meditative, pleasant and unforgettable experience.

- Kristina Babali, English New Media & Communication



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