2022-2023 Academic Year Opens at ACT

2022-2023 Academic Year Opens at ACT

September marks the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year. ACT has welcomed a remarkable number of new students, both degree-seeking and visiting. This fall also marks the 14th anniversary of the N.U.in Program at ACT with 300 students who have chosen to start their first college experience here in Thessaloniki. Furthermore, we welcome 30 study-abroad students from 20 major partners in the United States. In addition to our visiting students, some ACT students have taken the opportunity to begin the academic year abroad. Five students are participating in the ACT Abroad program and are currently studying at Suffolk University in Boston, USA, and Chonnam National University in South Korea.

ACT Opening of the Year 1

ACT hosted Welcome Week for all new students to kick off the new school year. The week was full of activities, memories, learning, and bonding before the start of classes. During the orientation, our new students had the chance to meet their classmates and their academic advisors, learn the basics of the Greek language, and navigate the city and their neighborhood. They got to know our campus, faculty and staff, and the local surroundings.

ACT Opening of the Year 11

 ACT Opening of the Year 1 2

Our study abroad students had the chance to visit the Macedonian tombs in Vergina. This archeological site offers its visitors a unique experience as they walk into the tumulous and see the actual grave of Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great, in its original location.

ACT Opening of the year 2jpg

Our Residence Life staff organized opportunities for students to bond over a beautiful sunset and a breathtaking view of Thessaloniki while cruising around Thermaikos Bay. Students also joined an outing to check out the local street food while having a picnic by the White Tower and were captivated by the view from Ano Poli, one of the highest spots in the city.

 ACT Opening of the Year 5

ACT Opening of the Year 7

 ACT Opening of the Year 9

ACT Opening of the Year 3

On the last day of the orientation, all students visiting from the U.S. had a relaxing day at one of the most beautiful beaches of Chalkidiki. Swimming in crystal clear water and walking down cobblestone streets fueled the students with energy and excitement to kick off this new academic year.

We look forward to a year full of learning, adventures, and unforgettable memories. 



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