October’s Spirit Week at ACT

October’s Spirit Week at ACT

Every year, ACT hosts Spirit Day, a day that allows faculty and students to demonstrate their school spirit, and participate in an array of events. This year, due to the new regulations about physical distancing and for avoiding overcrowding, the planned activities were spread out over a three-day span and new online events were introduced. During the activities and the events, the students gathered points and qualified them for prizes. And the Spirit Week was born!

The first day’s showcase was the Bissell Library’s Podcast Tutorial and the English Departments Poetry Board. Students were able to learn how to access subscription podcasts via Bissell Library and create original poetry using verses from existing poems.

Day 2 was dedicated to sports. ACT students participated in ping pong and volleyball tournaments organized by the Student Services and Activities office.

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The closing event on Day 3 co-organized by the English Department was Speed Friending: a spinoff of the popular speed dating app.  Students from all classes attended sessions for getting to know each other better through a series of uncommon questions and quick answers.

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Students currently studying online had the opportunity to participate in a variety of engaging activities on Facebook and Instagram. Those who were more tech-inclined had also the opportunity to show their school spirit through a weeklong Hackathon.



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