Meeting the new mentors of the Entrepreneurship Hub

Meeting the new mentors of the Entrepreneurship Hub

The Entrepreneurship Hub of the ACT School of Business successfully organized a meeting with the mentors who support the startup teams of the Entrepreneurial Program VentureGarden  held on Wednesday, January 17, in Bissell Library.  It is particularly encouraging that distinguished entrepreneurs and business executives of Thessaloniki, many of whom are graduates of Anatolia High School and ACT, voluntarily share their knowledge and experience with the new VentureGarden teams who wish to excel in the business arena. The mentors are:

  • Jack Florentin, Founder, President & CEO of Sarah Lawrence S.A.
  • Dimitris Takas, General Manager IRI Solar Energy former M.D. Barba Stathis SA
  • Loukas Ioannidis, Managing Director Rialto
  • Anestis Anastasiou, Coordinator in Tourism & Hospitality (ACT)
  • Evita Gantina, Adjunct Instructor ACT
  • Konstantinos Konstantinidis, CEO Pelopac
  • Sotiris Bantas, CEO Centaurtek
  • Dinos Hadjiioannou, CEO of Hippokrates
  • Rania Semertzian, Director of Anatolia Public Relations & Communications  
  • Kyriakos Fourniadis, Co-Founder at WBS - Web Business Services (WBS IKE)
  • Lina Tsaltabasi, CEO OECON Group
  • Charalampos Tziogas, CDO Noema Games, CNO Yummy Wallet Software Solutions
  • Despoina Amarantidou, Partner & General Manager ARTION CONFERENCES & EVENTS
  • Dimitris Kourtesis, Research, Product and Business Development Apifon
  • Christodoulos Spagakas, Founder of Building Automation Technical Intelligence Company
  • Anna Chlioura – Pantelis Zarkos, Founders of Elektronio startup
  • Dimitris Papadopoulos, Founder of Hermes Healthcare Limited
  • Tasos Panagis, Marketing Manager of Solo Pro 
  • Giorgios Kokkas, Director of the Entrepreneurship School of the ACT School of Business
  • Nikos Doulamis,  Managing Director at Eurythmia Medical Network
  • Glykeria Varsami, Co – Owner of Technical Company Karanasios – Varsami General Partnership, Co – Owner of Karanasios – Varsami LTD, Co – Founder of PLin Nanotechnology S.A.
  • Ioanna Tziriti, Marketing Manager Isomat
  • Mouratis Konstantinos, CEO of OnarTech LTD, Managing Director ThesanVentures
  • Christina Dimatati, Senior Human Resources Business Partner Stone Group 

Mentoring is particularly widespread in Europe and its contribution is important to the business solidarity in Greece, especially to the new economic reality that the economic crisis has brought to the Greek society.



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