The 7 keys to an amazing life

The 7 keys to an amazing life

On May 31, 2023, the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Psychology Department of ACT organized an open event led by the guest speaker, Dr. Liza Varvogli, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, and Author of "Mamaya Books." After a short video on students' testimonials portraying their authentic student experience at ACT, Dr. Varvogli used several classic fairy tales to discuss "The 7 keys to an amazing life" and demonstrated how fairy tales may reflect reality. Dr. Varvogli is Greece's best-selling parenting book author and award-winning picture book author. The talk was highly engaging and entertaining, and the audience was captivated. Students also had the opportunity to discuss internship opportunities with representatives from various organizations and network with professionals from the psychology field.



Dr. Evi Tramanza, Director of Libraries & Archives; Dr. Liza Varvogli; Dr. Aimiliza Stefanidou, Coordinator of Psychology; Dr. Stamos Karamouzis, ACT Provost



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