Lesvos: After all, it's still the Aegean!

Lesvos: After all, it's still the Aegean!

In a crowded Town Hall meeting, organized by the Tourism Association of Molyvos, on February 3, 2018, the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) presented the communications strategy which aims to recapture tourism growth on the island of Lesvos.  Taking into account local and regional dynamics, as they have evolved during and following the 2015 refugee crisis, Lesvos: After all, it’s still the Aegean, the Molyvos/Lesvos II project, proposes a communications strategy to reposition the region and, more generally, Lesvos in targeted tourist source-markets. 

Prior work on branding, positioning and vertical markets is the basis of the communications strategy, which details the message map and the associated channels of communication, aimed at increasing tourism by raising awareness and influencing perceptions among likely travelers. Sponsored by Dan and Helen Lindsay, who were also the major sponsors of the work done in 2012, the Molyvos/Lesvos II project manifests experiential learning at its best in ACT’s graduate programs. As part of an advanced marketing course in the MBA program, the project was completed by an ACT MBA select team, Maria Giokarini and Ioanna-Maria Nella, led by Marketing professor Mr. Mousiades and coordinated by Dr. Sevasti Kessapidou, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Acknowledging the school’s significant contribution in the concerted effort to impact tourism growth in the region, Nikos Molvalis, President of Tourism Association of Molyvos, extended an award to ACT.



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