Haig Basmadjian '01, Business Administration Alumnus

Haig Basmadjian '01, Business Administration Alumnus

Haig Basmadjian studied Business Administration at ACT and graduated in 2001. He launched his career in Marketing in the position of Brand Manager of Friesland Campina in Athens. In 2008 he received his MBA from INSEAD. Thereafter, he switched industries to work in consulting with Boston Consulting Group. In 2010, he relocated to Switzerland, where he worked for Nestle as part of their global innovation/strategy team. In 2013, he moved to the US where he undertook various marketing roles for Nestlé USA. He currently holds the position of General Manager of Ready to Drink Beverages Nestlé USA.

One of my favorite memories of ACT

is my first day on its breathtaking campus. It inspired me to learn and brought me together with some wonderful people. I still remember my student code!

My favorite professor was

Panos Vlachos. His teaching methods were far ahead of his time. Unpretentious, always with a smile, and, overall, a great educator.

My favorite spot on the campus

was the basketball court! I loved the game and the valuable bonds I developed with so many great friends.

ACT helped me

build a solid base on the fundamentals of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, and economics.

The elements that characterize the identity of ACT graduates

are determination, open-mindedness, energy and optimism.

For me, ACT is

the transition from adolescence into adulthood! The educational process is pleasurable and satisfying and for that reason, it is of a high standard, well-designed and purposeful. 

The best part of my job is

leading and inspiring people to be the best version of themselves.

I consider this an important moment in my professional journey

 decided to take a step back from my career in Greece and pursue an MBA at INSEAD. This change in my professional career opened up new opportunities to work abroad, while at the same time, it allowed me to experience different cultures and see things from a different perspective. All of this was indeed a game-changer for me. My advice for young professionals is to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and take on challenges that will broaden their personality and enrich their range of skills!

In the future, I want to

find the right balance between my personal and professional life, enjoy my family and take on challenges that will keep me motivated and excited to go to work every day.



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