GestalTango in the Library

GestalTango in the Library
Photo by Serhii Kindrat on Unsplash

On December 1st, the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) and the Psychology Department organized the workshop “GestalTango.” The workshop was delivered in Greek in the context of PSY 202: Personality Theories.

Ms. Katia Hatzilakou, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Trainer & Supervisor, Founding member of the Gestalt Foundation, Psychotherapy and Training Center, and founding member of the Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy (HAGT), and her colleague, Mr. Fotis Telloglou, Gestalt Trainer delivered a three-hour inspirational workshop on Gestalt therapy with some Tango lessons!

ACT Gestalttango

Ms. Hatzilakou and Mr. Telloglou demonstrated how tango can encourage someone to live in the present, in the “here and now,” and rediscover the self. Students were introduced to the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy and then asked to join in a “tango experience.” The workshop aimed to provide students with essential Gestalt tools for treatment in different contexts and educate them on Gestalt as a path to personal growth and professional development. Ms. Despina Dimopoulou, Adjunct Lecturer, and Dr. Aimiliza Stefanidou, Coordinator of ACT psychology programs, attended the workshop with their PSY 202 classes. Faculty and staff also participated in the workshop.

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