Celebrating one year of the ACTivities Magazine

Celebrating one year of the ACTivities Magazine

Last year ACT launched a magazine in order to highlight the creative work of the ACT community. The magazine was named ACTivities and can be found on the ACT website at https://www.act.edu/student-services/activities-magazine.

Volume 1, Issue 1, titled “Quarantined Creativity” was released in May 2020, the second issue “With Challenge Comes Change” and the third issue “Against All Odds: Push Past the Tough Parts” was released in June and December 2020. The fourth issue is underway.

The 30+ page glossy style online magazines are full of stories and creative work submitted by the greater ACT community.  Each issue also features upcoming events and opportunities for the ACT community. The ACTivities Magazine’s mission is to foster connections within the ACT community while providing community members with the opportunity for creative expression, recognize individuals for academic or professional accomplishments, and showcase the talent, beauty, and promising future of ACT. 

The driver behind this interACTive publication is Ms. Kutu Hall. Ms. Hall joined ACT in the Fall of 2019 as an Anatolia Fellow for the International Programs & Student Services Office (IPO) at ACT. The Fellowship enables ACT to bring the talent of recent US college graduates to the campus to enrich our offerings and services by blending local tradition with modern US college practices.  Ms. Hall has supported ACT through taking a leadership role in several clubs- Dance Club, Drama Club, Book Club, Writing Club, We ACT Club, training students to perform as the ACT Mascot “ACE” at special events, directing and filming short movies about ACE, and bringing together technology and style to create visually impactful student guides and the ACTivities Magazine.  In 2020, Ms. Hall also joined the MS in Organizational Psychology program at ACT, the Residence Assistant Team, and became an assistant in both IPO and Enrollment Offices.  Ms. Hall was one of the few residents of the Anatolia Campus who resided on campus throughout the pandemic, gaining a view into campus life that few others experienced.

Ms. Hall has used her passion for expression and technology to bring together the ACT community’s collective and individual experiences to create the ACTivities Magazine.  




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