The “Pelican Reeds”: ACT students continue to support the National Park of Lake Kerkini

The “Pelican Reeds”: ACT students continue to support the National Park of Lake Kerkini
© Vassilis Loukidis

By Vassilis Loukidis

After the successful and impactful trip to the National Park of Lake Kerkini a year ago, the ACT students return to repeat the volunteering initiative toward the protection of the wetland and the future of our planet! On March 12, 2023, in close collaboration with the Management Body of Kerkini and Oikoperiigitis Hotel, 20 ACT students worked toward the protection of the Dalmatian and Great White Pelican communities. Specifically, students collected and tightened up several bunches of reeds, loaded them on a truck, and transported them to the core of the National Park. The students untightened the reeds and scattered them in the area at this place, which is close to the pelicans’ community. In turn, the pelicans will pick up and use the fragments of the reeds as material to build their nests. In that manner, the pelicans overcome the difficulty of finding available tree branches since the number of local trees is declining because of overgrazing and other environmental reasons. 

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Later in the day, the ACT students moved their efforts to the dock of Kerkini village, on the west side of the lake, and collected several bags of trash, primarily plastic bottles, microplastics, and styrofoam used as equipment by fishermen. After the volunteering activities, students relaxed on a boat trip while watching flamingos wandering for food in the riparian areas of the lake.

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The objective of this school-sponsored activity was to expose students to the environmental needs of the local area and to expand their knowledge about the importance of the wetlands for our ecosystems and the threats the wetlands face. The students left with a feeling that they could both enjoy the day and make a difference. It is very optimistic that students defined the trip with very positive words.

“It was a perfect trip! Extremely worth it and well-balanced. On the volunteering side, it was productive and educational. On the recreational side, it was gorgeous and fun.”

“The trip was amazing, very educating, and engaging. A very well spent Sunday in nature and fresh air, being useful and helping out.”

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The President of the Management Body of Kerkini Lake,  Naziridis Theodoros, the Oikoperiigitis, and other local professionals were very thankful. The ACT students are already invited to the next initiative toward the preservation efforts. The International Programs and Student Services Office is proud to support the community while fulfilling the mission and vision of ACT to “be known as the institution that contributes to society.”


  • Photos by Vassillis Loukidis 







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