ACT Student Government Association joins forces to "Break the Stigma"

ACT Student Government Association joins forces to "Break the Stigma"

Since the beginning of the academic year, the ACT Student Government Association (SGA) has thought of ways to make the student community aware of current social issues and act in favor of those in need. The contribution to soup kitchens in collaboration with charity organizations in Thessaloniki and the realization of Theme Days were some of the initiatives that the Association undertook successfully with the support of a vibrant and active ACT student body.

Now the SGA takes action to fight "Period Poverty" and proudly announces that ACT has become one of the first academic institutions that offer free menstrual products for people having a period. As a next step, the SGA launched the campaign "Break the Stigma" to inform our community about Period Poverty's adverse social and psychological effects and offer a supportive environment for those who need it.

According to The World Bank, nearly 800 million people are menstruating every day, yet many people lack the necessary sanitation products needed to manage their periods. This lack of supplies, known as "Period Poverty," affects millions across the globe. People experiencing Period Poverty may have mental health challenges and physical health risks. They may also miss school or work and have low self-esteem. In addition, the stigma surrounding periods prevents people from openly discussing the issue, and the stigma is even more significant for transgender individuals who menstruate. One of the ways to end period poverty is to get period management supplies in the hands of those that need them most.

The idea to find and provide free sanitation products to ACT students came from SGA President Manos Konstantaras, and it was received with great enthusiasm by the other members of the Association. Manos contacted local suppliers and stores in search of sponsorships or preferred pricing. "Finally, we managed to get all the products for free from a supermarket chain that graciously donated all supplies but prefers to remain anonymous. The donation will cover the needs for the forthcoming period. We are pleased and proud that we managed to provide these products to our fellow students," Manos remarks. "Period Poverty can affect people in different ways regardless of their economic status. We strongly believe that we must set an example for other academic institutions and Break the Sigma from which many people suffer in various ways".



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