ACT hosts renowned historian Thanos Veremis

ACT hosts renowned historian Thanos Veremis
From left: Dr. David Wisner, Dr. Maria Kyriakidou, Professor Thanos Veremis, Dr. Panos Vlachos

Renowned historian Thanos Veremis visited ACT on December 4 for a guest lecture and a series of meetings with senior ACT and Anatolia staff.

Veremis, Professor Emeritus at the University of Athens and Founding Member of ELIAMEP, discussed recent interpretations of the Greek Revolution of 1821 with study abroad students at ACT’s Bissell Library. Some 40 students heard Professor Veremis review parallels of revolutions in Greece and British North America, and consider the paradoxical legacy of 1821 in Greece today. The event was moderated by Maria Kyriakidou, Chair of ACT’s Division of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Professor Veremis subsequently discussed possible areas of collaboration with Dr. Panos Vlachos, President of Anatolia College, Dr. Kyriakidou, and David Wisner, Director of the Dukakis Center.

Professor Veremis visit and lecture took place under the auspices of the Dukakis Center, which is celebrating 20 years of public service initiatives this academic year.





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