ACT hosts European Lacrosse Federation Board meeting

ACT hosts European Lacrosse Federation Board meeting

The Board of the European Lacrosse Federation met at the premises of ACT, at Stavros Constantinidis Hall, on October 23, 2023. The meeting was held on the occasion of the Lacrosse Sixes games (6v6) that took place at the American Farm School, also celebrating the inclusion of lacrosse in the Olympics. World Lacrosse’s decades-long vision to return the sport to the Olympic stage has been realized, with the International Olympic Committee approving lacrosse’s inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. 

The European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) plays a prominent role in developing and promoting lacrosse in Europe. With the recent announcement of lacrosse being awarded the Olympic identity for the 2028 Olympic Games, the sport is gaining even more recognition and support. Anatolia College/ACT has been actively involved in the introduction and growth of lacrosse within its extracurricular activities. Through partnerships and donations from organizations like World Lacrosse, ELF, GLA, and passionate individuals, a significant amount of equipment has been acquired to support the development of lacrosse at the institution. 

The meeting was coordinated by the ACT Athletic and Student Activities Office and its coordinator Stepan Partemian. 

The introduction of lacrosse to the Anatolia College/ACT extracurricular activities started in 2015 when Anatolia College President Dr. Panos Vlachos and VP of Institutional Advancement Peter Chresanthakes, met in the US with George G. Katsiaounis who inspired them to adopt the sport at the school and provided financial support sponsoring a seasoned coach and equipment to entice young students to participate. ACT was the perfect partner to introduce lacrosse to Greece as many US study abroad students are avid players.

The introduction of lacrosse to the Anatolia College/ACT extracurricular activities In 2017, a large amount of equipment arrived at Anatolia College as part of donations from World Lacrosse, ELF, GLA, and other individuals. In July 2018, the Greek National team had its training period on our campus just before going to the World Cup in Israel. In 2019, Jason Pereles arrived and went through all PE classes at the Anatolia High School and Anatolia Elementary School. Many students played lacrosse at that time, and some were members of the recent Greece Lacrosse team.

Useful links: https://europeanlacrosse.org/https://www.lacrosse.gr/https://worldlacrosse.sport/ 



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