ACT Business School launches a collaboration with Finance Club UoM

ACT Business School launches a collaboration with Finance Club UoM

ACT Business School and Finance Club of University of Macedonia (UoM) launched their collaboration in the joint event "Behavioral Finance". The well attended event took place on Tuesday February 19 th in Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Center, where the speakers addressed an important key factor in the return of investment: the behavior of the investors.

The audience was welcomed by Dr. Stamos Karamouzis, ACT Provost, and Mr. Radamanthis Tsotsos of the Athens Exchange Group.

Dr. Nikolas Hourvouliades, Chair at ACT School of Business, presented the dramatic moments of September 2008 with the bankruptcy and, finally, the collapse of Lehman Brothers Company which triggered the largest decline in US stock market since 2001 and a financial crisis with side effects in the world wide economy.

Dr. Yiannis Krassas, Professor at ACT School of Business, specialized in Behavior Financial, analyzed the reasons that lead investors sometimes make unreasonable and excessive risk-taking decisions that end to negative financial results.

Mr. Asteris Tsoukalas, Head of the Regional Department Office of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, presented the functions and responsibilities of the Capital Market Committees, both in national and international level. He shared, also, with the audience, real cases of frauds and deception of the investors stretching the responsibilities that investors should undertake in order to avoid unlawful transactions.



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