Academic Field Trip for ACT Psychology Students

Academic Field Trip for ACT Psychology Students

On March 23rdundergraduate psychology students visited the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki campus accompanied by their instructors, Dr. Maria Psoinos and Ms. Despoina Dimopoulou, within the context of their class, PSY 204: Social Psychology. The visit involved walking through different buildings where various academic departments are located (Department of Education, Polytechnic School, Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Education). While visiting the departments and looking at the surroundings, the posters containing announcements or political messages, etc., the students had the opportunity to reflect on issues covered in the Social Psychology class, such as social influence, persuasion, and majority-minority dynamics.

Academic field trips provide educational opportunities outside the classroom, allowing for course-related experiences beyond the ACT community. After the pandemic, field trips can become an integral part of our psychology programs where everyone, students and faculty, can benefit from the experience.

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