Former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Speaks at ACT

Former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Speaks at ACT

The Dukakis Center welcomed former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Spyros Kouvelis for the inaugural Dukakis Lecture of the Spring 2013 semester on Monday, February 18, for a talk on Development Perspectives, Reform, and Outward Opening of Greek Entrepreneurship.

Mr Kouvelis, who sat in the Greek Parliament from 2009 till 2012, discussed the different scenarios necessary for success in entrepreneurship in crisis-wracked Greece. In a concise overview he noted what Greece needs and lacks, pointing out in particular the lack of credibility of successive Greek governments. He noted that to change the mentality that has prevailed in Greece for decades requires of ordinary citizens that they take small steps by themselves, without seeking subsidies and other sorts of handout. He also asserted that as long as governments break their own laws, there can be no basis for real reform.

Mr Kouvelis shared the approach that an NGO he and some associates formed last year, "Greeks Can," takes in seeking to surmount the effects of the crisis. The group share success stories where Greek entrepreneurs succeed without recourse to the corrupt practice of rousfeti.

A group of 45 students and alumni, faculty, and guests engaged in a lively discussion session after Mr Kouvelis' formal remarks.



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