Christmas Charity Drive

Christmas Charity Drive

On Friday December 21st the Christmas Charity Drive that had been running for a number of weeks was concluded. Boxes of canned and dry food, cleaning products, toiletries, office supplies and stationary which had been gathered in bins on campus and in the study abroad student apartments overflowed. Products donated by Anatolia High-School and ACT students and staff were moved on that day by student volunteers with the Anatolia maintenance truck, to the offices of Desmos on Lagada Street.

Desmos, is a recently established branch in Thessaloniki, of the Non-profit Organization founded in Athens about a year ago, by a team of young and dynamic individuals who decided to address the social and humanitarian crisis in Greece by collaborating and involving the private sector. Desmos works as the 'middle man' connecting those that have a surplus with those that need specific products, thus making it easy for everyone to contribute something, without waste, cost or loss.

Anatolia and all it's schools have a long tradition of donating to charity throughout the year. The institution responded to Desmos' call for help this Christmas after two of its volunteer staff, who are graduates of Anatolia, approached their Alma Matter and introduced the concept and vision behind their work. At the moment the dry foods and cleaning goods have been transferred to "Evangelistis Markos - To Spiti tis Marias", which hosts unwed mothers and their children in Thermi. Students, parents and staff on a volunteer basis, are sifting through the remaining goods and creating an inventory of the donated products in order to prepare their transfer to institutions such as the Down Syndrome Center, Praxis and pensioner homes in need. Such direct and organized charity actions make giving easy and secure. One can follow the results of the drive and have access to photos of the gathering of the goods on Desmos' website: www.desmos.org. Many thanks to all who so kindly contributed to this effort!



17 Sevenidi St.
55535, Pylaia
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel. +30 2310 398398
P.O.Box 21021

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