ACT MBA Students Developing a Marketing Plan for Molyvos

A carefully selected team of 5 students in ACT’s MBA program has undertaken the development of a marketing plan for the town of Molyvos (Mithimna) and the surrounding area in the Northern Aegean island of Lesvos as part of an advanced topics course in the MBA program, led by ACT’s adjunct professor Mr. Mousiades.  The project was initiated by Dan and Helen Lindsay who are also the major sponsors of the ‘Molyvos project.’

Molyvos has in recent years experienced a substantial decline in tourism and the realization has brought together members of the community to form a Non-Profit Council to advance tourism in the area.  The ACT MBA team will endeavor to analyze and characterize the decline and understand its causes, identify and explore viable alternatives to either reverse or slow the decline and/or develop substitute feeder markets, including any changes that may be appropriate  to the area’s tourism “product”, its sales channels, its image and overall brand identity, and its promotional efforts.  The team will develop and conduct necessary market research as well as investigate various case studies to inform its efforts.  The project is expected to be completed in June with a presentation of the teams’ work and recommendations to the town’s council.




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