AMICAL Conference at ACT

AMICAL Conference at ACT

The Bissell Library proudly hosted the annual AMICAL (American International Consortium of Academic Libraries) conference 2017 at the Bissell Library, this year from 17-20 May with the theme: Centering on learning: Partnerships and professional development among librarians, faculty and technologists. 141 delegates from American University Libraries outside the US came from 20 counties.

The two outstanding invited speakers were:

Prof Christine Bruce, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane Australia talked on: Building information land learning experiences through partnerships.  

Kristen Eshleman, Director of Digital Innovation from Davidson College US talked on: Stronger together: More than incremental change.

The keynotes as well as more talks and panel presentations were recorded and can be now watched from the AMICAL Consortium website www.amicalnet.org/ and to our facebook page: www.facebook.com/bisselllibrary

Prof Christine Bruce who is a top theorist on Information Literacy in the world also offered a morning seminar to all our Library staff across the school and advised our Information Literacy strategy across the institution. She has now been interviewed by major Greek media outlets with the hope to influence national policy in promoting reading, learning and libraries.

We had amazing feedback and it has been a fantastic learning, sharing and networking opportunity. 



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