ACT Drama Club performing “The Happy prince”

ACT Drama Club performing “The Happy prince”

On December 2, 2016, the ACT Drama Club presented Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince” at Raphael Hall. It was the first performance of the newly-established ACT Drama Club, initiated by a small group of very enthusiastic first-year students who joined their talents and love of theater to make this happen.

Working alone, with no club adviser, they relied on each other’s skills and became more than actors: the protagonist, (Konstantinos Deligiorgis) was also the director, the co-protagonist (Sonja Choko) was the music teacher, and others took charge of the poster and the props.

The kindness and the sacrifice which is central to Wilde’s story were well-suited to the festive season of the particular month. The theme of giving to others and doing good, also seems apt to what this group of students accomplished in such a short time: with their hard-work, commitment and independent spirit, they reminded us that the true meaning of education is to found outside the classroom as well; working as a team, giving up your free time, giving pleasure and joy to all of us, teachers, friends and family, who were present that night. And ultimately, whatever the shortcomings of this first student performance, it is the enthusiasm and those values that will stay with us.


The Happy Prince: Konstantinos Deligiorgis
Little Swallow: Sonja Coko
Poor mother and daughter:
Laura Kotaidou, Eri Karagianni
The Young Playwright: Li Wu
The Little Match-Girl: Karina Iskandarova
The Mayor: Nikos Gatzoulis
The Mayor’s Guard: Ioannis Deligiorgis


Director: Konstantinos Deligiorgis
Narrator: Vasiliki Mandaltsi
Sound and Lighting: George Kyriakopoulos



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