Young Business Creators: Entrepreneurial thinking as a game

Young Business Creators: Entrepreneurial thinking as a game

Four unique days full of creativity, cooperativeness and familiarity with the business thinking had the opportunity to experience pupils who attended from the 21st till the 24th of June Young Business Creators, a new and innovative program of Anatolia College.
The Entrepreneurship Hub of the Anatolia School of Business in cooperation with Anatolia elementary conducted Young Business Creators, based on the method of Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship of the University of Iowa, whose expertise and instructional materials were adopted by the Anatolia College.

The intensive summer program was held in the ACT premises and 26 pupils attended it from the fifth and sixth grade from the elementary school.  During the six-hour courses and through team work, young entrepreneurs learned step - step how to "build" their small businesses and manufacture their products and as important representatives of "modern entrepreneurship" presented them during the program.  On the last day, children were informed by businessmen of Thessaloniki, they presented their products to their parents and were given participation diplomas.                         


The amount raised from the sale of the products was donated to the NGO Desmos to cover needs in equipment and supplies of a newly established Centre for Refugee Accommodation in Oreokastro Thessaloniki.                                                                                 



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