ACT hosts inaugural Inspiration Exchange event

We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.
Margaret Mead

Crises carry with them not only danger, but also a window of potential, and it is at this time that new ideas and the commitment to act upon them have never been more needed. The Inspiration Exchange is an initiative that seeks to stimulate and support students in finding creative and courageous solutions to contemporary problems. The Inspiration Exchange series is dedicated to the belief that if given the trust and hope, young people can and will seize the opportunities to make the changes that the world needs. The initiative is a series of interactive explorations of how students can make a difference in their communities and can manage and run their own social projects to bring about change. The first event in the series took place in December 2011 with a presentation by Genevieve Laurier, President at Oxford Hub – a student generated and managed NGO that coordinates volunteering projects, training, community outreach and research in Oxford and other UK cities. Discussion focused on how students can take initiatives and harness their energy in favor of causes they espouse. The Inspiration Exchange series will be one of the cornerstones of ACT’s service learning project. Events will feature above all local community actors who are changing attitudes and approaches to civil society in Thessaloniki.



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