Poetry in Bissell Library: An evening with poet Elsa Korneti

Poetry in Bissell Library: An evening with poet Elsa Korneti

As part of the ongoing series of the Bissell Library Events commemorate World Poetry Day (March 21, 2016) an introductory afternoon of poetry by Ms. Elsa Korneti was held in the library on March 23, 2016.

The public were able to listen to excerpts from Ms. Korneti’s personal collection and were given the opportunity to come closer to the writing process of poetry and its content.

She referred to a quote from Umberto Eco: "If God existed he should be a library. This is because a library is nothing more than a condensed concentration of the human mind, which over the centuries unceasingly creates literary works and art aiming at the conception of another life, a better world, a life no longer flat and prosaic but enchanting in invented so as far to only include corrections and no errors."

Finally, she added that the event had given to her and to the public that attended it the sense of a magical healing.

Elsa Korneti was born in Munich. She studied Economics at the University of Macedonia and the University of Trier, Germany. For a decade she worked as a journalist. She collaborates regularly with famous literary magazines; she publishes essays, book reviews, translations and other texts. She was twice nominated for the Greek State Prize for Poetry. Her poetry collection “Normal people with panache and a leopard tail" was awarded in 2013 with the George Carter prize by Porfyras magazine.

Her unpublished poetry collection "Hidden" was awarded in 2015 with the "Kouros Europos" prize of the Macedonian Artistic Company, Art. Her poems have been included in Greek and foreign anthologies and have been translated and published in 10 languages. Some of her poetry collections are available at the Anatolia College libraries.



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