Thanksgiving Day at ACT

Thanksgiving Day at ACT

Thanksgiving Day was a successful day at ACT. Our regular students, together with the American and the international students celebrated this annual event hosted by ACT.

This year, the ACT Student Government Association (SGA) presented a great Thanksgiving Day activity where all students could participate.  The SGA cut out 300 turkey-fingers and distributed them to students. On these turkey fingers, participants could a write a wish to thank someone for his or her presence in their daily lives. We received more than 200 notes with wishes for students, faculty and staff.  This event showed the diversity of students at ACT, where most students have a different cultural background, and that all students, no matter their background, can co-exist together. Students exchanged wishes between them, between faculty and other staff showing their gratefulness to ACT and its services. The amount of participation from the Study Abroad and N.U.in students was rather impressive.

Alongside this event, there was also a free Thanksgiving lunch where students could enjoy a delicious turkey meal together.  From our perspective, we thank everyone for their participation and especially the Administrative Offices for their contribution. 

Written by Georgios-Ilias Belidis, Junior Class Representative to the SGA, Anatolia High School ’13 and ACT ‘17



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