Dukakis Center to host Masterclass in photojournalism with acclaimed Greek photographer

Dukakis Center to host Masterclass in photojournalism with acclaimed Greek photographer

Acclaimed Greek photojournalist Dimitris Bouras will conduct a Masterclass in Photojournalism at the Dukakis Center, in partnership with ACT's English undergraduate program, during the week of November 23-27, 2015.

The class, called "You won't be here tomorrow," will cover technical, aesthetic, practical, and moral considerations prevalent in contemporary photojournalism. Select participants will meet throughout the week and will do their own photo shoot, on the theme "What are you eating?"

Mr. Bouras, a SBALA alumnus who has lectured at the Dukakis Center previously, will culminate his residency with a presentation of some of his own photographs taken in Syria and Iraq, on Tuesday, December 1, at 1 PM in the ACT New Building A-V Room. The presentation is open to the general public.

Dimitrios Bouras was born in Thessaloniki. He has been a photojournalist since 1980, working as a freelance researcher and reporter on humanitarian issues, social injustice, poverty and war around the globe. He has covered special assignments in Greece, Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Romania, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, ‘Kurdistan’ and other countries.  

He regularly contributes as a freelance photojournalist under an alias. His awards include Amnesty International, a Prix Pictet Commission and honours from Pictures of the Year International. His work has been exhibited extensively in Greece and internationally. Freelancer status affords Dimitris the possibility to overcome the constraints of the passive role of a content provider and to develop independently as advocate and documentarian. Recently he has been investigating thorny social issues in present-day Greece: drug abuse, homelessness, the life of the disabled and the impact of austerity; the uprising in the Ukraine; the “Arab Spring” and social unrest in Turkey and Middle East.

Dimitris currently resides between Athens, Greece -  Duhok, Kurdistan, Iraq and Mariupol, Ukraine. He follows developments in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and the Kurdistan Autonomous Region. He is documenting humanitarian issues, life in refugee camps and the plight of the Peshmerga Kurdish fighters.



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