Division of Humanities & Social Sciences - Available Courses

The courses listed below are expected to be offered at least every two years and a reevaluation of the entire course curriculum will be carried out every two years in order to maintain an updated list of course offerings.

English & Communication

Global Studies

GBST 200: Geographies of Globalization, Culture, and Identity

This course will explore key phenomena transpiring in the contemporary world relating to culture, politics, society, and identity formation. In order to facilitate understanding of existing socio-cultural realities, students will investigate the diverse processes associated with globalization. A fuller appreciation of these dynamic processes will require engagement with particular geographical competencies as well as an awareness of historical contexts and developments. Finally, this course encourages students to think critically, analytically, and across disciplinary boundaries that are centered on the social sciences.
May be taken as free elective.


International Relations

Social Sciences



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