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BA in English - Language and Literature

Brief Description

The Bachelor of Arts in English offers a synthesis of traditional and contemporary course content. Students may choose between two different concentrations, Language and Literature, and Communication and New Media.

The aims of the BA in English are to provide students with a solid background in the subject areas of literature, linguistics, media and cultural studies; cultivate students’ analytical and creative skills for intellectual and professional purposes; enable students to explore the evolution of English studies as it intersects a variety of theoretical approaches and academic disciplines; help students become more astute readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators; challenge students to operate more effectively in multicultural, interdisciplinary environments, both as students and future professionals; and inspire confidence, open-mindedness, and personal and professional success.

More specifically

Our curriculum draws on classic and modern literary texts, discussed through an interdisciplinary and contextual perspective; it studies the evolution of language with up to date methodologies and meaningful applications; it blends the image with the word, appraises the major writer and thinker but makes room for the “minor” voice; it teaches the skills of communication and critical thinking, and encourages creativity. In this way students gain an excellent background in the classics, bridged with innovative and groundbreaking contemporary courses and material and attain a plethora of skills.

Degree Requirements

In order to receive the BA degree, the student must have fulfilled all the GER and major requirements and have completer at least 121 US credit hours with an overall G.P.A. of 2.0 or better. According to NECHE Standards, students must complete at least one fourth of their undergraduate program, including advanced work in the major or concentration, at the institution awarding the degree. As a consequence, all candidates for an ACT degree must have been in residence at the College during the last two semesters of full time instruction, assuming availability and equivalency of transferable courses.

Open University degree structure

The program in English is currently validated by Open University: under this scheme, 24 are out of the 40 courses required for a Bachelor’s degree are validated by Open University. Students must necessarily take the fourth year courses at ACT. Successful students will receive a Bachelor’s degree from Open University in addition to the ACT degree for a single course of studies by meeting the following common set of requirements (in addition to meeting General Education Requirements)—courses highlighted in bold are validated by Open University. Read the OU Regulations.

Major Requirements

  • English 101: Composition I
  • English 102: Composition II
  • English 120: Introduction to Literature (OU)
  • English 203: Advanced College English Skills
  • Comm 127: Communication, Culture and Society (OU)
  • English 220: Introduction to Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama (OU)
  • English 230: English Literatures (OU)
  • English 273: Introduction to Linguistics (OU)
  • English 275: Sociolinguistics (OU)
  • English 250: Advanced Writing and Professional Communication (OU)
  • English 300: Image, Text, Culture (OU)
  • Hum 246: Introduction to American Cultural Studies (OU)
  • CS 107: Multimedia I (OU)

Language & Literature Concentration: Required Courses

  • English 259: Topics in Contemporary World Literature (OU)
  • English 340: Comparative Literature (OU)
  • English 274: Applied Linguistics (OU)
  • English 325: Second Language Acquisition (OU)
  • English 350: Advanced Writing: Writing for Social Change (OU)
  • English 380: The Business of Literature (OU)
  • Comm 233: Introduction to Journalism

Language & Literature Concentration: Major Elective Courses (5 of the following)

  • History 201: Women in Modern Times (OU)
  • English 268: Women and Literature (OU)
  • English 221: Short Fiction (OU)
  • English 335: English Language Teaching I (OU)
  • English 345: English Language Teaching II (OU)
  • English 375: Instructional Technology (OU)
  • English 370: Literature and Film (OU)
  • English 360: Literary Theory (OU)
  • Hum 221: History on Film/ Film on History (OU)
  • Soc Sc 228: Society & Culture: Theory, Texts and Practices (OU)
  • Any course from the Concentration Communication & New Media

Free Electives: Three (3)

Other Degree Requirements

  • English 390 Senior Thesis I & English 395 Senior Thesis II (OU)
  • Practicum (SocSc 399- Service Learning)



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