ACT student peer-reviewed paper accepted for oral presentation at IEEE

ACT student peer-reviewed paper accepted for oral presentation at IEEE
Christos Dimitrousis - ACT Computer Science Student

New scientific opportunities arise through the research work of Computer Science student Christos Dimitrousis, an undergraduate student at ACT - the American College of Thessaloniki. Mr. Dimitrousis’s work is a contribution to a Biomedical Engineering collaborative project between ACT, a major public university and a prominent public hospital.

Christos joined Dr. Alexander Astaras’s research team (an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at ACT) on his own request and based on his outstanding academic performance. He quickly acclimatized in the research team, picking up the challenge and applying artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the efficiency of the DermaSense scanner. DermaSense is a novel dermatological scanner being developed by the research team and intended to support Dermatologists in diagnosing melanoma cancer earlier and more accurately. This project is a result of the fruitful collaboration of ACT Computer Science with the Laboratory of Medical Physics at the AUTH Medical School and the Dermatology Clinic in Papageorgiou Hospital.  The results of Dimitrousis’s collaborative research are both an exemplar of undergraduate research and can have a positive impact on society.

The academic paper that Dimitrousis co-authored based on the aforementioned research was submitted and accepted to the NEUREL 2018 international conference, sponsored by the IEEE, which took place in Belgrade on November 20-21. Christos Dimitrousis had the opportunity to present the results of this potentially life-saving research himself in Belgrade, representing all three institutions involved in the research team (ACT, AUTH and Papageorgiou Hospital). Their paper will also be published in the conference proceedings and eventually cross-listed in both the IEEE Xplore and Google Scholar online databases.

We congratulate him on his achievement and recognition, feeling more than proud that ACT contributed to his first steps in his professional development.


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