Discussion on "Good students, bad students"

Dr. Livingtson Merchant was the featured participant in a round table discussion on the theme «Good students, bad students» on December 17, in the Bissell Library. Dr. Merchant was joined by a group of ACT faculty and a small cohort of Maria Patsarika's freshman honors students.


Livingston Merchant was educated at Harvard University in Slavic studies as an undergraduate and completed the PhD in international affairs. He later attended Brown University and completed a PhD in Asian history. For thirty years he worked in international education as a school administrator and history teacher, including four years as head of Robert College in Istanbul. He taught at Tamkang University in Taiwan, the graduate school of education at Bilkent University, and Raparin University in northern Iraq. Most recently he is in Maastricht in the Netherlands where he is writing a book introducing the Sorani dialect of Kurdish to foreign speakers. 

For the last several years Dr. Merchant has been interested in multiple religious, social, and national identities in Turks and Kurds over the last hundred years.


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