Emeritus Anatolia President Richard Jackson speaks at ACT

Emeritus Anatolia President Richard Jackson speaks at ACT

Richard L. Jackson, President of Anatolia and the American College of Thessaloniki from 1999-2009, visited campus during the week of February 21-25.

He met with current President Hans Giesecke and wife Susan, trustee Angelos Billis, American Farm School President Panos Kanellis and wife Eva, and other members of the extended Anatolia family.

The high points of Mr. Jackson's visit were two public talks, one a Dukakis Lecture on contemporary China, and the other an informal discussion of his 34-year career in the US Foreign Service. Also on the program was a class visit to students in Emily Bakola's film class at Anatolia.

Mr. Jackson's stay on campus coincided with the visit to Thessaloniki of Princeton historian Molly Greene, who joined Jackson, former Pinewood President Peter Baiter, and other local Princeton alumni for a taverna dinner.

Mr. Jackson currently resides near Palm Beach, Florida, although he has travelled frequently since his retirement, doing consulting on behalf of a consortium on international education. This was his second visit back to Thessaloniki since 2009.


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