Business Division: Goals & Objectives

ACT’s programs in business are designed to lead to US-accredited BS and MBA degrees, as well as to offer a forum for communicating new insights into management and marketing research and applications among the academic, business and entrepreneurial communities of Greece & Southeast Europe. The business education envisioned by ACT is unique for its comprehensive view of management and explicit focus on fostering entrepreneurial approaches to management in the region. Graduates will have acquired an appreciation of the interactions among all elements of an organization and be ideally equipped to lead entrepreneurial activity throughout Southeast Europe over the next decades. The foremost goal of the business curriculum is to develop and strengthen students’ coherent and logical thinking processes in order to make and implement sound, ethically responsible business decisions throughout their careers.

Our Vision

Graduate Program: To provide quality education to a diverse graduate student body who will be immediately effective in cutting edge business organizations.
Undergraduate Program: To provide the highest quality business education to a diverse student body which reflects the realities of the business world.

Our Mission

Graduate Program: Our MBA programs prepare our students to be decision-makers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, ready for a broad spectrum of managerial responsibilities and/or for success as higher level professional specialists. We affirm our commitment to intellectual contributions that enhance our teaching, particularly to applied scholarship and instructional development. We employ our professional skills in service to the College, scholarly and professional organizations, the business community, and the regional community.
Undergraduate Program: Our undergraduate programs prepare our students for successful careers and life-long learning in a rapidly changing world. We guide our students in the development of their intellectual experience.

Our Stakeholders

We recognize the following stakeholders as significant partners in our success:

  • Current and potential students
  • Employers
  • The business and professional community
  • Our alumni
  • The academic community
  • Anatolia College
  • Greek public policy makers and non-profit and community organizations

Our Educational Philosophy

To prepare our students for the roles we have described we must assure their mastery of:

  • Thinking Skills: logical, critical and integrated analysis, the capacity to exercise good judgment; creative and non-traditional problem solving; and proficiency in ethical reasoning.
  • Discipline-Specific Knowledge and Competencies: e.g., information technology and quantitative skills appropriate to problem solving in real work settings.
  • Communications Skills: proficiency in oral, written, presentation, and distance communication.
  • Change Management: understanding and shaping the forces of change, including globalization, and using this understanding to formulate, evaluate, and select from alternative strategies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage for themselves and for their companies and organizations.
  • Self-Development: the capacity to engage in the effective self-management of lifelong learning to achieve continuous professional and personal growth.

Our Core Strategies

To realize our vision, to implement our mission and to act according to our educational philosophy we must:

  • Creatively intervene in the student recruitment, selection and advising process
  • Forge numerous collaborations and affiliations with leading educational institutions and organizations
  • Promote mutually beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances with our stakeholders
  • Review, reconsider and implement faculty staffing and development strategies
  • Continuously develop and enhance our curriculum

Indicative List of Strategic Alliances

  • Tippie School of Business, University of Iowa
  • California State University FRESNO
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Michigan
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • International Finance Corporation
  • World Bank
  • Greek Institute of Banking
  • Karamanlis Institute
  • Papastratou Institute
  • American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  • Koc University
  • American University in Bulgaria
  • Deloitte
  • Mamaras & Associates
  • SANI - IKOS resorts

Experiential Learning

Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I might remember,
Involve me and I will understand,

Following this rubric, business students are given multiple opportunities to be involved through: company visits, internship opportunities, participation in student clubs and participation in the prestigious John Pappajohn Annual Business Plan Competition which offers both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to test their entrepreneurial skills and earn project seed money of up to $5,000 doing so.



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