Division of Technology & Sciences: Goals & Objectives

The mission of the Division of Technology & Science is to offer innovative, leading edge technology programs in computing and academically sound service courses in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics and Science. As computing is a rapidly evolving discipline we continuously adapt our curriculum and facilities to meet the changing demands of the computing profession. 

The computing programs target students that are interested primarily in Computing and Business with an emphasis in Information Systems and also students or professionals that are interested to specialize in certain areas in computing. In particular the certificate and special programs provide training opportunities for the wider community.

Courses in the Division are designed to broaden students’ perspectives on the role of computing, mathematics, statistics and science in the modern world, while equipping them with both computer literacy and quantitative skills. A broad range of computing courses is offered, the majority having a strong laboratory component with emphasis on application.

The programs do not concentrate only on the latest technologies, which at some point will become outdated, but provide students with excellent critical skills and systematic thinking that will allow them to become lifelong learners and succeed in a wide variety of technical and managerial positions. Students are prepared for a successful career in the field of computing and its applications and/or additional study in computing or Business at the graduate level. State of the art computer facilities include high-speed servers and over 100 workstations in 5 laboratories. The Science facilities include biology, physics, chemistry and robotics-microelectronics laboratories covering a total area of over 290 m2. All facilities are connected to a high-speed campus network and are connected to the internet.



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