Program Courses

ACT’s upcoming BS in Psychology will provide students with fundamental knowledge of the key concepts, theories and overarching themes in psychology, enhance students’ aptitude for independent and cooperative work, develop diverse conceptual, analytical and communication skills for academic  and professional purposes, improve student’s ability for self-development, increase students’ employment prospects in increasingly dynamic and multicultural social and working environments.

It features a series of inquiries into more fundamental questions: why people do the things they do and how they interact with others. Many junior and senior requirements and electives echo these matters, focusing on themes such as child development, mental and emotional health, human interaction, criminal behavior, employment and more. Emphasis will be placed on creative, critical and analytical approaches to learning in the following major areas: knowledge and understanding, cognitive, practical and professional skills.

Degree Requirements

In order to receive the BS degree, the student must have fulfilled all the GER and major requirements and have completed at least 121 US credit hours with an overall G.PA of 2.0 or better. All Psychology students take a two-semester sequence Senior Thesis I and II course. According to NEASC Standards, students must complete at least one fourth of their undergraduate program, including advanced work in the major or concentration, at the institution awarding the degree. As a consequence, all candidates for an ACT degree must have been in residence at the College during the last two semesters of full time instruction, assuming availability and equivalency of transferable courses.

Open University degree structure

The program in Psychology is pending validation by Open University: under this scheme, 24 out of the 40 courses required for a Bachelor’s degree are expected to receive validation by Open University. Students must necessarily take the fourth year courses at ACT. Successful students will receive a Bachelor’s degree from Open University in addition to the ACT degree for a single course of studies by meeting the common set of requirements (in addition to meeting General Education Requirements).

Indicative Major Requirements

  • Psychology 120 - Developmental Psychology I (Pre-natal and pre-school years)
  • Psychology 121 - Developmental Psychology II (Child and Adolescent)
  • Psychology 130 - Cognition: Human Learning and Memory
  • Psychology 150 - Psychophysiology of Behavior
  • Research 199 - Research methods and analysis
  • Psychology 202 - Personality Theories
  • Psychology 204 - Social Psychology
  • Psychology 221 - Cognitive neuroscience
  • Psychology 240 - Forensic Psychology
  • Psychology 250 - Psychopharmacology
  • Psychology 218 - Psychopathology
  • Psychology 305- Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Psychology 400 - Psychological Assessment

Indicative Major Electives

  • Psychology 270 - Health, stress and adaptation
  • Psychology 215 - Positive Psychology
  • Psychology 255 - Sports Psychology
  • Psychology 310 - Organizational psychology
  • Psychology 303 - Educational Psychology
  • Psychology 320 - Dialectical therapy
  • Psychology 330 - Psychology of immigration



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