Minor in English

Brief Description

For non-English majors only.

Minor Requirements

  • English 120: Introduction to Literature
  • either English 220: Introduction to Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama or English 221: Short Fiction
  • either English 230: English Literatures or Hum 246: Introduction to American Cultural Studies

3 electives from the following:

  • English 350: Advanced Writing: Writing for Social Change
  • English 259: Topics in Contemporary World Literature
  • English 268: Women and Literature
  • English 288: Greek Literature in Translation
  • English 300: Image/Text/Culture
  • English 340: Comparative Literature
  • English 360: Literary Theory
  • Any of the above required courses not taken


Students may be obliged to take extra courses beyond the 40 needed to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in order to fulfill all minor requirements.



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